Thursday, January 5, 2012

how was your break?

As I mentioned, I've been off of work and away from campus for two weeks. As more staff and students return to campus, I'm interacting with more and more people who have no idea what's going on with me.

If I hear the question "How was your break?" one more time I might lose it. I don't know what to say. It was wonderful. But terrible. Amazing. And heartbreaking.

Instead I mumble something and look away and let the other people standing around carry the conversation.


  1. In general, I've found that answering "fine" and then asking them about there's is a great way to redirect the conversation. Most people won't even think about it and are more than happy to go on about their break. If they persist, I usually make up an excuse like, "not much to tell. But I really need to get back to X."

    Hang in there. I'm literally in the same boat.

  2. Wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you today.

  3. Thinking of you. And what Cristy said about answering "fine" and turning the question around works really well for me, too. But I hear you on wanting to not have that conversation again. I hate having to repeat myself. (((Hugs)))

  4. Unfortunately for me, everyone at my place of work knows about all of our endeavors. When the doctor calls, they all but shout across the room! My co-workers are extremely supportive, but all super young (having no idea what I'm truly going through.)
    Think of you this week! =)
    Which DR at ART are you using? It will be exciting to be in the waiting room from now on wondering if we're sitting by one another with any clue! ;) ((It's the little things that give me comfort through this process.))

  5. I've spent some time today reading over some of your older posts and wanted to send you some love. I know that you are in a strange and difficult place right now. I did want you to know that we are here to support you in this new year.
    I am adding your baby to my list of Angels. A list that I will send to the Arbor Day Foundation this weekend in honor of the babies lost but not forgotten. I wanted to do something special for my lost twins (at 20 weeks last October) for what should have been their baby shower. I wanted them to be memorialized along with other angel babies together in a national forest, to grow strong and tall.
    I hope 2012 is good to you.
    Alissa (MissConception)