Wednesday, March 28, 2012

pregnancy or progesterone (or imagination)

Let's play a game! It's a talk-show style game where I give you a symptom and you tell me if it's pregnancy, progesterone or imagination. I think this will be fun for everyone.

Exhaustion - I'm soooo tired. Even after going to bed and waking up at fairly normal times, I can barely keep my eyes open while driving to work. And for the past two nights I've fallen asleep in my chair at 8:45 while watching at least semi interesting television. I distinctly remember this being present before my beta last time.

Emotional - I cried in the Hunger Games on Sunday. I cried at work yesterday after a very minimal screw up. I cry every time I think about getting a phone call on Monday afternoon after my beta. I definitely remember the emotions of last time, but it was a little later in the process.

Dry, itchy skin? - This one is weird, but it happened last time too. My legs especially are crazy dry and itchy. I lotion up approximately 5 times a day. Weird.

And finally, waking up before my alarm and I can't go back to sleep because I have to pee so bad - Worst feeling ever. I lay there and will my body to cooperate and let me sleep for 15 more minutes. But no, I have to pee. So. Bad. This definitely was an issue last time, but I don't remember when.

Ok, let the game begin.

I say imagination for all. I guess we'll see on Monday whether I win or lose.


  1. Fingers crossed!!!! Such a wicked mind game. Keep breathing, dear Hattie.

  2. I hate hate hate progestrone!!! Its so darn annoying that it screws w/ our heads and makes us think of all these things.. I will KMFX that u beta give u a BFP!!!!

  3. I have all four symptoms. That said, I've learned I'm the worst person to gauge whether or not I'm pregnant (thank you for the support yesterday, btw). I know ask Grey because he's usually right.

    Anyway, I'm hoping!!! All of this sounds very promising.

  4. I hope that they are all good symptons and lead to something wonderful :)

  5. Oh boy, don't ask me. I am really good at imagining things. Good luck!

  6. THey sound like good symptoms!! Hoping with you that they are!