Tuesday, March 20, 2012

iui today

We had IUI #2 this morning. I'm so thankful that we got to do it. I am currently in a plane headed to San Antonio for work. Without Mac. So we just made it!

It was fairly uneventful. I managed to stay pretty calm this morning and only snapped at Max once (short temper is one of my stress responses...he handles me pretty well).

We actually also got results back on Friday from the antibodies testing we had done at the beginning of the cycle. No surprise here, my numbers were borderline for ACL. I haven't had time to get too far into research (not even enough to remember what that stands for...anti something lipids maybe?) but it basically means that my body may produce a blood clot between me and a growing baby. Normal is under 12; the nurse called over 20 and intermediate positive. Mine were 15. We will do another test in 6 weeks or when we get a positive pregnancy test, whichever comes first. If it comes back positive then, the treatment will be heparin injections or baby aspirin. If it comes back negative, I will have the option of doing a more detailed thrombosis panel. So. We will see.

Max struggled today with putting me on a plane right after the IUI. He was hoping we could take off all day this time. But he will be busy too so hopefully this distraction will shorten the two week torture.

I will start progesterone suppositories tomorrow night. Starting Thursday I will do 3 a day. Since we know it was an issue last time we are going straight in to the dosage I was on in the end. That makes me more comfortable. And ten if we get a positive we may add injections back in depending on levels.

So I'm feeling nervous, anxious, desperate, calm, excited, hopeful. All things I would expect at this point.

Wish me luck! And luck to all of you in the middle of this as well!


  1. So exciting. Sending "positive" thoughts your way!

  2. Sending lots and lots of luck your way!!! I just did my 2nd IUI and am now in the 2WW :) Exciting times!

  3. sending you tons of luck!!!!!

  4. Fingers are crossed for you, Hattie!! I hope and pray that this one is your THB.

  5. Good luck my dear. Wishes and hopes heading your way. FX x x x

  6. Good Luck to you, Hattie! My friend (also at ART) is pregnant and they went from the suppositories to injections to keep her progesterone up. She is 7w1d today and measuring ahead. =) I was there yesterday for my HSG. We could have seen each other!heehee