Wednesday, March 7, 2012

back in the saddle

Or should I say stirrups.

I have my first appointment tomorrow at my clinic since I had my follow up after the miscarriage. It's just for baseline ultrasound and bloodwork to make sure we are ready to get started with the cycle.

They will also do an antibodies test to check for autoimmune issues that could have caused the miscarriage. I honestly don't expect them to find an issue.

I can't decide how I feel about going back. If I'm being honest, it's been at least a little freeing to not have the appointments and the tests. But it all starts back tomorrow. If all goes well, I will start letrozole on Saturday and do the iui in the neighborhood of next weekend. Here's hoping.

Still struggling with and processing the birth of my niece. Finding it very difficult to know what I feel. Another "funny" tidbit from my birthday. I opened a piece of mail thinking it was a birthday card, but instead found a baby shower invite. Ouch.


  1. Boo. Sounds like a blah birthday. I'm sorry! I hope that when you see your niece your feelings become more clear to you.
    GL starting up with the IUI!

  2. Argh! I'm sorry. Is there any way you and Max can get away for a little bit? Maybe a weekend? Because you've both earned it and you deserve to celebrate your birthday. Thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed for the IUI!

  3. UGH!! Sorry about all of this girl!

    I had mixed emotions going back to the RE after our miscarriage. I felt better after the appointment but very emotional leading up to it.

    Hoping all goes well with this cycle!