Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ultrasound today

We saw the heartbeat. It was unbelievable. The sac was a little small but the heartbeat was strong. I will go again Monday for another ultrasound. There is still so much to be scared about, but for today I will be happy. I will be thankful for this gift and do the only thing I can, pray for another day for this baby.

Slight change of plans. Last night I was feeling my stomach to try to figure out the exact tender spots and I felt a little knot on my left side. I went ahead and called the nurse message line this morning to let them know. My nurse practitioner just called back and after hearing me describe the location, thinks it's probably to high to be baby related but wants to go ahead and check things out so that if it's not I can get it checked by my GP.

So, I'm headed that way now and will go ahead and have blood work and the first ultrasound. Praying so hard that we see everything we are supposed to and my fears can be momentarily calmed.


  1. Wonderful news. God is so good. I had my first ultrasound last year on December 15. There is no greater gift than seeing that little heartbeat!

  2. Congratulations on seeing the heartbeat!!!

  3. Great News! I am praying that Monday will continue to be great too. Happy Weekend!

  4. Yay for the heartbeat. My betas have been lower than what's expected too. Seems like everyone else on the blogs and message boards have had significantly higher betas than me. Glad to see everything is going well for you. I had that same pain in my side when I walked. It is gone now.

  5. That's amazing. I'm so excited for you guys! Feel better in the meantime.