Wednesday, August 1, 2012

nt scan and other updates

We had our NT scan on Friday. It was amazing to watch the baby for so long and see so many details. Thankfully, everything looks good. The scan combined with bloodwork gave us a risk assessment of a 1 in 10,000 chance for Down's Syndrome or several different numbers of Trisomy. So thankful.

They did have an early gender guess. She called it 90% sure as a boy. I always pictured girl in my mind, so it is taking me some time to refocus, but I'm extremely thankful either way. My main thought right now is that I badly want a daughter at some point and I'm so scared this will be our only baby. But I know that I could be as fertile as anyone, have 15 children and never have a girl. And I know that Max wants a son, and I am beyond thrilled for him to have one. This is not a complaint. Just some processing.

That being said, they could always be wrong. When we told the OB we saw this week that they made a guess at 12w6d, he was shocked. We shall see.

I also had an early glucose screening on Monday because of my BMI. To be honest, I was petrified. I so badly want to have a healthy pregnancy. The test on Monday was great. So relieved. However, that doesn't mean it won't  be a problem later. I have already started an exercise plan and will be doing my best on watching sweets in my diet. Just writing that makes me want a cookie :).

And lastly we checked my progesterone. I stopped those meds last Monday. My level this week was 16.29. The nurse from the OB office vaguely told me that was fine. But of course my crazy mind started freaking out because I'm used to levels in the 30-50 range. I called my REs office and they also said that the level is good, as the placenta is doing the work now. I'm still a bit anxious, but will try to trust the professionals. Any thoughts on 2nd trimester progesterone levels?

And yes, that short question brings up my final point. I'm officially (I think...the internet is confusing) in the 2nd trimester. It's unbelievable. Max and I are in the process of planning the coming out process. I'm so scared to do this, but excited as well. We really just have several groups of people in several different places that we want to tell personally, and we don't want people to find out accidentally on

Any problem that I have mentioned in this post is unbelievably tiny compared to the suffering and hurt that people in my blog life are going through. My heart breaks for people experiencing loss and hearing bad news. It is so unfair and just downright ridiculous.


  1. I'm so glad everything is looking good! I wanted to say that if your baby is a boy, don't feel bad if you have a little bit of disappointment. I have always dreamed of having a little girl, I can't imagine that not happening someday, but we struggled for quite a while to conceive this, our second baby and he is a boy. I'm grateful to be pregnant and I love both of my sons more than anything, but I can't help but be a little bit disappointed and wonder if I will ever have the chance to have the little girl I've always pictured. I just wanted you to know that it is okay to still want that, even with how grateful you are to be pregnant with a healthy baby.

    That being said, it's VERY early to tell gender, so you still may be surprised this time! Good luck with your pregnancy! I'll be following along!

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy! At our NT scan at 12 weeks 2 days we also got the guess of boy, however, the u/s tech didn't give us a 90% guarantee. It turns out that our baby is actually a girl. I almost wish that we weren't told boy at 12 weeks because it was clearly a guess.

  3. Very good news!! Congratulations on being in the second trimester!!! And congratulations on the gender reveal!! I know it's a bit disappointing to learn that you're not having what was expected, but give yourself some time. I'm certain that once he/she is here, you'll be completely excited and will not be able to imagine what life would have been like without your child. So, focus on that and the fact that everything is progressing well. Thinking of you and hoping for an equally uneventful 2nd trimester!

  4. Glad things are going so well. Enjoy and fuss over every moment of the pregnancy without apology. One suggestion - disable comments on your Facebook wall and maybe even posts so that no one can make a congratulatory comment on there before you are ready. This worked great for us.

  5. I'm so glad your scan went well! What a relief it is! Figuring out how to tell people is always tricky. I think it's great you are telling personally, it's always better that way.

  6. I've always seen myself having a girl, so it would take me some time to process too, no matter how grateful I will be to have either one, as long as it's a healthy pregnancy!

  7. I'm so happy that you had a great appointment! Isn't it surreal, getting to this point? And wow, that is an early gender guess! Lots of boys going around :)

    Also, will you send me an email? boundbysymmetryblog(at)gmail(dot)com? I want to run something by you! :)