Saturday, August 25, 2012

checking in

Things are going pretty well around here. I've been delving deeper and deeper into the massive amounts of information about babies and what you need for them.

My daily routine currently consists of either trying not to throw up or starving. Morning sickness wasn't that much of an issue in for me in the first trimester, but it is definitely making up for lost time now. For that past 3 weeks or so I have thrown up breakfast and lunch pretty much every day, and sometimes several times in between. I started taking compounded ginger a few days ago and it has helped a ton. I've only been sick twice in the last four days. Whew!

So if I'm not throwing up, I'm so so hungry. Growth spurt maybe? When I say hungry, I mean desperately hungry. Like cannot concentrate on anything, can think about nothing but getting food. There have been a few times when Max and I are waiting on food at a restaurant that he is telling me about his day and the only response I have is to say how hungry I am. A couple of times I actually stopped to throw up on the way to get food. You now, just get rid of it and move on.

So it's been fun.

This week has been our coming out week. We told all of our friends and families, our students and coworkers, and went official on Sunday. I went back and forth on a announcement. In the end, we decided that we wanted the world to know and to be able to enjoy that moment, but worked hard to create a status that communicated that we were still thinking about friends still working toward this dream.

In the end, we went with, "Max and I are excited to say that after a long journey we are expecting a baby in February! As we give thanks and celebrate this joy in our lives, we remain in prayer and hope for friends who wish for the same." I have had a few friends reach out with similar infertility stories. It's nice to connect with people who I had no idea struggled or are struggling.

This past Spring I was part of an infertility Bible study. It was such an amazing time of growth for me and the support and friendship I received from near strangers was unbelievable. These women are now some of my closest friends. One woman who had previously been through 3 IVF cycles and some number of FET's attempted a last chance IVF with the clinic in Denver. She is currently about 7.5 weeks pregnant and had her first ultrasound this week. We were all overjoyed to hear about the miracle heartbeat. She does have a subchorionic hematoma that is causing some stress and concern, so we are hoping that clears up soon.

Anyway, there's an update. 17 weeks today and looking forward to the anatomy scan in a few weeks!


  1. That's a really nice way of putting it. I like how you made reference to the not-so-easy journey and were thoughtful towards others still on it.

  2. Lovely announcement and I'm so glad you were able to open up to friends.

    I can't wait for your anatomy scan!!!

  3. I love your FB announcement. Congrats on going public! Wishing you the best with the anatomy scan!

  4. Very happy that all is well Hattie. And congratulations on going public!

  5. My heart grew a little bigger when I read your 'going public' message. I think it's natural for people to lose sight when they've moved on. The fact you are so sensitive to those of us still on this road speaks volumes. I'm sorry you are not feeling well, but I'm glad that with each day, you are inching forward to that goal line.

  6. We did a similar thing with our FB announcement:

    "After struggling with the heartache of fertility treatments for a number of years, [husband] and I are full of joy and incredibly grateful to be expecting a babe in February!"

    I was tired of infertility being such a taboo and hoped that this would at least open a door for someone to talk about it. Well, within 5 minutes, I had a few FB conversations started with me from old whose IVF babe just turned 1, another who just had her 3rd failed IUI but said my status gave her hope at a time she needed most, and a few others offering encouragement and mentioning relatives and best friends who had gone through IVF. So, mission accomplished.