Thursday, February 2, 2012

spontaneous emotional collapse

This morning I went to feed the parking meter. I dropped a quarter and it rolled under my car and I immediately burst into tears. I got in my car and shut the door (because I was in the middle of campus) and proceeded to sob for 30 minutes. I was late for a staff meeting, but every time I tried to get out of the car, it started all over again.

Does this emotional collapse mean that AF is just around the corner? One can only hope.

These last 5 weeks have been never ending. One more week for either AF to show up, or until I can call the clinic and see what's up. Either way, I would love for this week to fly by.


  1. I've had this happen. Sorry you are having such a bad day.

  2. Oh sorry girl, I hate days like that! I hope your Friday is better. Sending you a big hug!

  3. Sounds like almost every day for me! Keep your head up and be patient with yourself.