Monday, October 24, 2011

to the max

I've started drafts of several posts in an effort to get some feelings out in a safe place. In a couple of the posts I may end up saying some less than amazing things about my bff (and husband) Max. I absolutely did not want the first things I said about Max on here to be negative, because he is beyond amazing. So, I thought I would write this first to remind myself why I love him and how lucky I am, and to make sure anyone reading this knows that I love him above all.

First, Max is not his real name (and Hattie isn't mine for that matter). I didn't want to use our real names, but we are so much more than an initial :) so I just picked names. Both of them have some significance that I won't go into.

Max is the best husband any woman (or man :) could ever hope for. He literally makes my life worth living (ready to throw up yet?). We have known each other since the nursery at church and we were best friends long before we dated. We began seriously dating in college, dated for 3 years, got engaged, married a year later, and have had a wonderful 7 year marriage.

Here are a few words that describe Max:
funny, compassionate, handsome, intellectual, giving, empathetic, sympathetic, witty (different than funny), loyal, outgoing, safe, a talker, big picture thinker, life of the party, everyone's best friend, believer, faithful, memorable, dependable, awesome

Sounds pretty good, right? He washes dishes and loads the dishwasher (I unload), packs breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks for me every day, drives me 30 minutes to work some days just because, goes to the grocery and cooks dinner, puts up with my crazy, makes me laugh every day, loves my friends, coworkers and students, gives everything he has to anyone who needs it, puts of with lots of other crazy, prays for others without ceasing, is super good to his family, is a dream uncle to his niece and nephews, and will be an amazing father.

He is the ONLY reason I have survived this infertility journey thus far. (A coworker said thus far the other day. I thought to myself...who says that? So, I've decided to see how many times I can use it. That's 1!)

I love him very much. To the max, if you will.


  1. It may sound shmoopy, but I get it. It's hard to praise an awesome dude, but they're totally worth it!

  2. Happy ICLW!!
    Look forward to reading more of your blog