Thursday, November 22, 2012


I started an update last week and never finished. Lame. I'll do that tomorrow.

Today I am thinking about what a difference a year makes. Last Thanksgiving didn't seem so different in some ways. I was watching the parade in between working on the food in the kitchen with my mom. Heading to my grandmother's for lunch and Max's grandmother's for dinner. Just like we had done for many years before.

I was actually in the middle of the TWW for my first IUI. So underneath all the normal, I was a mess. As we stood in line for food at my grandmother's house, my cousin walked in and passed out the cards for the big gender reveal she planned. I knew within half a second I would lose It. I quickly gave my half filled plate to my mom and ran. Just as I made it to the bathroom, I heard the exclamations of the new baby girl headed our way. To join my sil's baby girl due in March. I finally returned and chose a seat with some cousins that I knew wouldn't ask questions. I silently cried while forcing myself to eat my food.

As it turns out, I was pregnant then, but would lose the baby about a month later right after Christmas.

I will head to my grandmother's house today almost 30 weeks pregnant. In some ways I am a different person. In some ways I am the same scared, bitter infertile.

Obviously, I am thankful for this baby. I am beyond thankful for Max and who he was for me then and who he is for us now. And I am thankful for this community.

I know today will be incredibly difficult or so many of you. Whether you are in a good place, at your lowest, or in a place if uncertainty, know that I'm thinking if you and thankful you are in my life.


  1. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving Hattie.

  2. Happy late Thanksgiving. I'm so glad you are in this hopeful place and that this Thanksgiving we are both able to look forward to some big changes in the coming year.

  3. We read a lot in this community. Posts on fear, pain, joy, anxiety. There is a lot of introspection. But for some reason, this post, your post- really hit home. Thank you.

    I hope you had a peaceful holiday