Sunday, February 10, 2013


As I prepare to write some deeper posts, I wanted to take a minute to remind myself of everything I am thankful for at this point in time.

For this miracle baby boy (edit: who is still in my belly!)

For carrying him (edit: past) full term.

That i have had a relatively easy pregnancy with very few of the more difficult symptoms that I dreaded even in my most wishful infertility valleys.

For great friends who are supportive and help me keep things in perspective.

For a naturally laid back attitude and approach to life.

That Max and I didn't have any plans the last three weekends because we assumed we would be busy. It's allowed us to do whatever we wanted and have three last date weekends in a row!

For coworkers that have allowed me to be flexible as we wait for the unpredictable.

For easy going doctors that aren't pushy.

Mostly for Max. He really is amazing. He encourages laying around and resting with the perfect mixture of continuing to do what I feel like I need/want to do. Tells me it's ok when I have an irrational emotional breakdown and carries on through life with me when I'm ready to take the day for whatever it brings. He's pretty good.


  1. He's here?!?! Can't wait for the story! Congratulations and so glad for this wonderful post.

    1. Oops! Nope, see edits above. We're still waiting! So loved your excitement though! :)

  2. Holding good thoughts for you as you await his arrival.

  3. It's good to acknowledge the good when you are so anxious and overdue! Can't wait to meet little man.