Thursday, July 19, 2012


Life has been unbelievably busy. Especially work. But the good news is, the craziness is over! I've done pretty well keeping up on reading, but have not been a great commenter and obviously not a great poster! When I looked at my blog today I couldn't believe how behind I am. Oh well.

I graduated from the fertility doctor last week. It was unbelievably emotional. I'm just really sad that I won't see them anymore.

When the NP came into the exam room, she started talking about what a crazy morning she had. There was a patient with OHSS, another with pregnancy complications, and several more that were either difficult or bad news. She said she just knew I would be her first easy appointment of the day. Of course that sent me into panic mode, thinking I was doomed.

But everything looked good! Baby measures right on and we just sat and watched it dance around for a while. I was then, fairly unceremoniously, released at 10w4d. After she left the room and I got dressed, Max and I stood there for a few minutes. Just hugging and crying. I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Disbelief that I made it that far. Sadness that I was leaving people I have come to care about. Fear about leaving the comfort of weekly monitoring. Excitement about making a huge step forward into normalcy. And happiness that everything has gone so well.

So there you go. More updates to come soon.


  1. HAPPY GRADUATION! Congratulations on this huge step.

  2. Congratulations on graduating! I am sure it must be an emotional step but such a good one too. A bittersweet moment for sure.

  3. Happy graduation day!! C'mon normalcy and boring!!! :)

  4. WOOOHOOO!!! Congratulations on graduating!!! I know it was a hard appointment, but I'm certain that they sent you off with love and lots of hope.

  5. Oh man, I know how you feel! I was/am terribly emotional about moving on from my clinic. I would have them continue my care through this whole pregnancy if I could. It's a hard thing to move on to a normal OB when you don't feel normal. Just make sure your OB knows you need special care and that you may need to be the patient who calls about every little thing.

    Congrats my friend - this is really great news!