Monday, May 7, 2012

strange cycle day

**UPDATE: The nurse called back and they seem to think everything is fine. It could just be from the meds building up a thick lining. She said to just stay on track and start testing for a surge on Wednesday night. And they definitely did a beta last week so no worries there. But of course, I already knew that. Thanks for humoring me :)

Ok, so something strange is going on with this cycle and I may or may not be freaking out. So, while I wait on the nurse to call back, obsess with me, will you?

Today is CD 10. AF left pretty much completely by the end of CD 4. Last night I started spotting. This is the only time I can remember, ever, having mid-cycle bleeding.

The spotting last night was pretty light and pink. It's gotten slightly heavier this morning (but still definitely would be considered light) and I started cramping this morning. The cramping is mainly on my left side and it's pretty low.  I can't decide if it feels like normal menstrual cramps or the cramps I felt with my pregnancy in December.

This is also coming off an oddly short 23 day cycle last month.

So, what's going on? Could it be ovulation? It's too early really. I usually don't ovulate until day 15 or so. And I've never had bleeding and have only felt it one or two times. It's also gone on for about 15 hours now, which seems to long for ovulation bleeding?

The crazy and stupid part of me is terrified that they messed up and didn't do a beta last week and I'm actually pregnant. Surely not. But because I'm taking femara, which causes birth defects if taken while pregnant, I can't erase the thought. I'm sure that's not it though.

Ok, thoughts? Are there other reasons for mid-cycle bleeding?

**I hate feeling this confused and paranoid. When I read back through this it doesn't even seem like it's me writing it. Yuck.


  1. I had mid-cycle spotting with my last cycle and never ovulated. AF arrived on Saturday leaving me completely confused. I'm sure it's just your body being weird and is nothing to worry about. I do hope that they call you soon, Hattie. Don't stress too much while waiting for them to call back.

  2. I wish I had some ideas for you. I'm sorry this cycle is freaking you out. Maybe talk to your doctor?

  3. Same thing happened to me this past canceled IUI cycle. I had very light spotting after about 4 days of stimming and my RE's office said it was normal, due to the growing follicles. I also had a decent 2 day bleed (preceded and followed by spotting days) around CD 18 but that was after they cancelled my cycle. My RE said this was caused by the follicles bursting since they never triggered me.

    Anyways, hopefully your RE has some answers for you! If you need it for your peace of mind, definitely insist on some bloodwork to make sure everything is happening as it should.

  4. The only mid-cycle spotting I've had has been during LP. That said, I have heard of women spotting around ovulation. It sounds like you've called the doctor, so I'm hoping they have some ideas/ answers. Either way, thinking of you.

  5. I remember how crazy I felt on all of the meds. Hang it there. Praying for a sucessful cycle!