Wednesday, January 30, 2013


That's a lot of weeks. And I'm starting to feel it!

I'm still at work and am really glad that it at least appears I will be able to finish out the week. By 5:00 on Friday I hope to feel comfortable with the thought that I won't be back. I think I'll make it. And then we will play Monday and the rest of the week by ear. I'm thinking maybe half days?

Luckily I'm still feeling pretty calm in regards to when he will come. I'm getting a tad bit more anxious as to the how. Had an appointment today that included an ultrasound and a new doctor because my regular dr was on call. Ultrasound looked great. Estimated 7lb12oz which is about the 55th percentile. His head is a little larger comparatively, 84th percentile...yikes! But that wasn't a surprise and still not in the range that is especially concerning for my doc. It's also not likely to grow much more.

I am so grateful that both my regular dr and the one I saw today are both fairly laid back when it comes to the induction discussion. I was afraid with the ultrasound today they would start pushing it but he said we would probably start talking about it next week if that's where I want to go. But as long as the NST is good next week I think both dr and patient will want to wait. Unfortunately not much progress today on the dilating front. Oh well. Maybe next time. He suggested I give my uterus a pep talk :).

Unfortunately, the area in which I have made progress is that I am approximately 400% pissier and weepier than I was last week. I mean, seriously. The smallest things set me off. Luckily I have been able to contain the explosion of emotions to Max and my mom. I feel bad but I say luckily because they are so understanding. Max has been so great. He keeps telling me that I'm doing great and it's ok that I'm crying, uncontrollably, for no apparent reason. I've seriously cried more in the last four days than the last 8 months combined. I feel like I'm completely losing it.

And on top of that....I'm getting another cold! Rage!!! I'm so over this. Third one since thanksgiving.

Anyway, still hanging in there. Waiting for some excitement. And hoping to finish out the work week.


  1. I would be so outta there if I were you. By 37 weeks I was done with work. I didn't feel good at all but I guess that's because baby was determined to come out that week as well. ;)
    Glad you are doing well and I completely understand the weepiness. Hormone city.

  2. You're getting so close!! Hope you have a wonderful final day at work.